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Ultra-Sonic Pest Repellent (2 Pack)

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 Enhanced Ultra-Sonic Insects, Rodent Pest Repellent 

Protect Your Living Space From Pests With Ultrasonic & Electromagnetic Waves! Non-Toxic, Safe For Kids And Pets!

(No Harmful Chemicals—Save $100's on Exterminators)

Stop wasting Money!!

Are you tired of having mosquitoes, flies of all sorts, mice, roaches, and other nasty pests in your home? Are you losing sleep because they're bugging you at night? Time to bug them right back with this Ultrasonic Pest Repellent!

All you need to do is to plug this pest repellent into a wall socket and it will emit Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic waves that assaults the bugs and causes them to evacuate your home! And fortunately, they are completely inaudible to humans and pets! They attack the pest's central nervous system and they leave your home on their own and never come back! The best part is since it is completely non-toxic and natural, you no longer need to worry about spraying poisons in your home & giving your family & kids cancer.

This pest repellent emits low decibel, which is safe for babies, pregnant women, and pets since this products only targets rodents, mice, bats, squirrels, spiders, roaches, fleas, ticks, flies, wasps, ants, crickets, bed bugs, silkworms, mosquitoes, bees and other small pests.

Save Your Money on Exterminators

Do you know exterminators spray extremely toxic poison in your home that has high potential of causing you chronic diseases and cancers? In addition, they also charge you as much as $800 minimum for homes above 1,000 square feet! And worse of all, the pests still come back after the chemical fades! With PestRepel you can get rid of pests forever. Order a set for your home today!

Wondering How It Works?

This product relies on a microprocessor to create a forcefield in your home. By sending ultrasonic soundwaves & pulses that randomly creates digital sequences which prevent pests from hiding within the walls, this miracle device will send rodents, bugs, and other pests running!

This product also switches its frequency mode constantly, preventing pests from adapting and immunizing at a fixed frequency and with that, it is also able to attack all types of pests and bugs.

All you have to do is plug it in! Simply plug it in a wall socket 20-80cm above the floor. When the red LED light turns on, that means it is working!

With this you will be able to save on all the refills and protect your family from the dangerous effects of insecticides and terrible smells that come with them. There are no refills required with this machine since it works with Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic waves.

 ZT030 (7)

Key Features:
- It is applicable to repel cockroach, mosquito, insect, pest, mice etc.
- The repelling ultrasonic frequency is 22 - 65KHz and the effective range is 80 - 120sqm
- Non-toxic and environment-friendly
- Safe and odorless
- With ABS shell, durable and shock resistant
- Power source: AC 90V - 250V, 50 - 60Hz

Installation Method:
1. Install it on the power socket of the wall in the height of 20 - 80cm, ensuring vertical to the ground ( strictly forbid keep flat on the ground ). If there is no power socket of the same height in your home, and you need an external patch board to keep the product in the same height
2. Not allow tall barrier lying in the front of the product within 1 meter
3. The product needs to toward the open area, but you do not allow to choose the long-time open doors and windows ( or it will weaken ultrasonic intensity, decreasing the efficiency of rodent repellant )
4. Try to avoid directly facing the curtain, fabric sofa, etc. and other fabric items ( because the fabric items can absorb ultrasonic wave )
5. First, you need to install the product in the most severe area of rat damage, and after the mice are destroyed, transfer it in the center of the whole house ( such as living room ) or the mouse will easy to enter in